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Gain instant access to millions of business profiles including contacts, emails, phone numbers, job titles, industries, and markets. Ideal for business development, lead generation, mailing lists, market research, and more.



Our expert services are designed to offer the most comprehensive sales and marketing solutions. We help align the investment in sales development, along with the integration of new practices into the fabric of your business.



We offer decades of experience providing innovative, strategic, and cost-effective solutions. We possess a variety of products and services focused on continuous improvement, sustainability, and cost-reduction.

Why HMB Solutions?

HMB Solutions is ideally unique, providing you with the highest quality solutions for your growing business. Utilizing our abundance of sales and marketing expertise, we can help you reach the right audience to showcase your products and services. Given our extensive experience as technical sales engineers, we understand your products and services, as well as your targeted industries. Whether you are a small start-up or a fortune 500 company, we will take the necessary time required to analyze the best solutions for your specific needs; contact us for a consultation.





Outstanding Customer Service



Reliability & Consistency



Maintenance Supervisor

Casey Reece

HMB Solutions always does an exceptional job on projects displaying  passion and creativity. The team is detail-oriented, intelligent, deadline-driven and broad-minded. HMB Solutions has a vast knowledge and is extremely thorough while working in a fast-paced environment. I highly recommended HMB Solutions.


Naresh Pachauri

Senior Process Engineer

The group at HMB Solutions has helped me considerably on many unique projects. They are always interested in how things work and why they work the way they do. This curiosity and dedication has allowed them to problem solve and innovate when it comes to the performance and function of our process systems. 


Jerrod Fox

Purchasing Manager

For nearly a decade, HMB solutions has dramatically helped our purchasing and engineering needs. With our diverse range of food product lines that Lyco Manufacturing designs and builds, HMB Solutions has been able to help guide and support our needs to help make Lyco Manufacturing a world-leading manufacturer.


Client Testimonials

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